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Smithfield Cattle Company is a family owned, state of the art cattle operation, growing, and marketing cattle both domestically and internationally. Located at Proston in the South Burnett, Queensland Australia, Smithfield is built on solid foundations within the meat industry, owning and managing butcher shops dating back as early as the 1920’s. 

Today Smithfield calls upon three generations of experience to deliver first class cattle performance and is recognised as one of the leading cattle companies in Australia. We adopt an approach of continual improvement to ensure we are a professional modern business. Smithfield Cattle Company implements industry best practice across its two feedlot’s Smithfield and Sapphire, and at its properties; Mondure Park, Teignmouth, Blacklands and other leased properties. Smithfield currently employs 40 passionate staff to facilitate feedlotting, crop production, cattle grazing and consulting.

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