The wellbeing of cattle in Smithfield Cattle Company’s care is a top priority. Whether the cattle are travelling to, occupying, or travelling out of any of the Smithfield properties, animal care and protection is paramount. It is in the absolute best interests of Smithfield to provide a comfortable and consistent home for all cattle in their care. Our induction and processing yards adopt the Temple Grandin design system. Temple Grandin is a renowned American doctor of animal science and consultant to the livestock industry and is widely regarded as an authority on animal behaviour and welfare.

Smithfield also adheres to the guidelines set out by the National feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS). The NFAS outlines stringent animal welfare guidelines, ensuring cattle in the feedlot are well looked after. Further to this, livestock transported to and from Smithfield and Sapphire feedlot follow strict guidelines as set out by the national guide on livestock transportation. These measures highlight a firm and ongoing commitment from Smithfield to uphold industry best practice in all aspects of animal welfare.