Smithfield Feedlot

Smithfield feedlot is idyllically located in the South Burnett Region, an elevated and cool region of Queensland with good quality pastures and fresh, clean water collected from the Boondooma Dam. This body of water is a catchment of streams originating from the rainforests of the Bunya Mountains. Grain used for feed is processed on-site by steam flaking, a process that provides a ration that maximises average daily gain and feed conversion efficiency. Supporting this feed innovation, the dedicated team at Smithfield call upon decades of lot feeding experience to deliver prime yields, with high performance regularly benchmarked against other major feedlots around Australia.

Grain processing, ration mixing and delivery systems are designed and managed with the objective of putting the cattle’s needs first, both nutritionally and operationally. Smithfield feedlot is NFAS, EU and MSA Accredited. The organisation buys feed commodities and cattle and offers various finance options to suit different customers and suppliers. For example, Smithfield will pay for a customer’s feed invoice and simply deduct the feed invoices from the cattle proceeds upon sale. Further to this, Smithfield provides a reliable marketing and forward contracting service and enables direct access to market.

Smithfield feedlot is located in a prime position for marketing grain-fed beef, selling cattle suitable for domestic and export markets to 12 abattoirs located within a 500km radius of the Proston area. This advantageous position and stringent quality control measures enable Smithfield to supply grain-fed cattle to some of Australia’s largest supermarkets. Smithfield Cattle Company is one of the largest suppliers of beef to Woolworths nationally.