With almost 100 years of industry experience, Smithfield Cattle Company actively seeks feeder cattle direct from producers to help supply our grain fed markets.  Smithfield has cattle buyers located throughout Queensland and New South Wales who will inspect your cattle. Cattle arriving at our Feedlots must be accompanied by a correctly completed NVD or EUVD.

Smithfield is a supplier of quality grain fed cattle to one of Australia’s largest supermarkets showcasing our extensive experience in the marketing of cattle. Smithfield sell cattle suitable for domestic and export markets – including premium quality – to 12 different abattoirs within a 500km radius of our custom-feeding properties. We provide premium cattle marketing services to our clients ensuring the benefits of our scale and markets achieves better returns for our clients.


  • Firm quotes on either delivered or on-farm terms.
  • A grid system for cattle specifications and payment.
  • Very prompt, efficient payment systems (within 14 days of delivery)
  • Cattle inspection prior to purchase at their own expense
  • B-double access and a double deck ramp
  • A trade registered weighbridge
  • To purchase small lots of cattle from smaller cattle producers
  • Extended receivable hours, accepting deliveries betweein 6:00am and 6:00pm
  • Monday to Friday and on weekends by appointment.
  • Encouragement of cattle producers to follow their cattle after their arrival at Smithfield
  • An efficient system where cattle received are inducted and placed on a total mixed ration within 24 hours of arrival.

For more information regarding selling cattle to Smithfield, please contact us below and a quote will be supplied (valid for 12 hours).


Livestock Manager
+61 400 019 863
+61 7 4168 9104

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