Smithfield Cattle Company offers a range of custom feeding options to further the individual needs of our clients and maximise the overall performance of their cattle. Custom feeding allows our clients the flexibility to market their cattle as a grain-fed product increasing overall profitability and income targets. Smithfield can fully manage and fund all custom feed requirements ensuring the process is a smooth and rewarding experience for clients.

Grain used for feed is processed on-site by steam flaking, a process that provides a ration that maximises average daily gain and feed conversion efficiency. Supporting this feed innovation. the dedicated team at Smithfield call upon decades of lot feeding experience to deliver prime yields, with high performance regularly benchmarked against other major feedlots around Australia.

Rations are specially formulated by Smithfield’s consultant nutritionist to provide the optimum nutrition for your cattle. Quality control measures such as daily testing of ration dry matter content and regular scientific analysis of rations are used. Grain is also steam flaked to gain the best possible starch utilisation for your cattle.

Grain processing, ration mixing and delivery systems are designed and managed with the objective of putting the cattle’s needs first, both nutritionally and operationally. The Smithfield Feedlot is NFAS, EU and MSA Accredited. The Sapphire Feedlot is NFAS Accredited.


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