Leadership Team

"Smithfield is more than a job, it’s family."
Andrew shearer-smith
"Cattle performance doesn't just happen; it's the result of focus, hard work and belief in our people, properties and practices."
"Our roots trace back to 1928 and we remain - as we always have - 100% family owned. Some might say it's in our blood. "
Barb Madden

Management Team

Mary Ramke

Finance Manager

Sally Halstead

Smithfield Feedlot, Livestock Health Manager

Jim Hagan

Smithfield Feedlot, Livestock Manager

Ben Strahley

Sapphire Feedlot, Operations Manager

Coral Warburton

Sapphire Feedlot, Office Manager

Bryan Rapacon

Sapphire Feedlot, Mill Manager

Gus O’Sullivan

Sapphire Feedlot, Livestock Health Manager

Will Fagan

Sapphire Feedlot, Livestock Manager

Leah Halstead

Smithfield Feedlot, Office Manager

Dale Graham

Smithfield Feedlot, Assistant Maintenance Manager

Max Cochrane

Smithfield Feedlot, Mill Manager

April Kratzmann

Sapphire Feedlot, Livestock Movements Manager

Jack Jansen

Sapphire Feedlot, Trainee Manager

Lisa Watson

Systems and QA Manager

Nicole Bryen

Smithfield Feedlot, Livestock Movements Manager

Join The Team

Caring for our cattle is our highest priority on a daily basis but caring for our team members is an enduring priority.
If you would like to apply for our Trainee Manager Program then please contact Barb Madden on:

(07) 4675 1212


Trainee Manager Program

In 2006 we commenced one of the lot feeding industry’s first and most successful Trainee Manager programs.
Our Trainee Manager Program is designed to provide participants with exposure to all disciplines involved in lot feeding on a rotational basis, over a period of up to three years. The program also enables trainees to gain as much hands on practical experience as possible, with the view of establishing a skill-set that will enable them to manage each area of the feedlot when required. Each year we look for new candidates with a passion for agriculture and a thirst for knowledge and experience. The number of high caliber people that have transitioned through our program is evidence that the program works. If you would like to apply for our Trainee Manager Program then please contact Barb Madden on:

(07) 4675 1212


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