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Smithfield Cattle Co

Smithfield Cattle Company is a state of the art lot feeding operation,
growing and marketing cattle throughout Australia and around the world.


Smithfield Cattle Co. won the prestigious Woolworths National Livestock Supplier of the Year Award 2014.

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Smithfield Feedlot offers a range of custom feeding options to further the individual needs of our clients and maximise the overall performance of their cattle. Custom feeding allows our clients the flexibility to market their cattle as a grain-fed product increasing overall profitability and income targets.

With almost 100 years of experience, Smithfield Cattle Company actively seeks feeder cattle direct from producers to help supply our grain fed markets. We provide forward and spot pricing with flexible grids to suit individual cattle producers. We offer fixed quotes, efficient payment systems and allow flexible delivery options.

Smithfield buys feed commodities and offers various finance options to suit different customers and suppliers. We purchase quality Grain (Sorghum, Barley and Wheat), Fodder including Straw and Hay (Lucerne, Oaten and Wheaten), Whole Cottonseed and liquid supplements.

Stemming from first hand experience, Smithfield offers comprehensive advice to enhance your livestock business through providing high- quality, industry specific information and practical solutions.

To ensure their clients maximise beef production, Smithfield can offer consultative advice across the following key service areas:

  • Cattle Management
  • Animal health
  • Breeding Programs & Genetics
  • Production Systems & Protocol
  • Cattle Procurement
  • Property selection and management
  • Finance options
Smithfield consultants are passionate about sharing their history of best practices to improve their client’s profitability and performance whilst maintaining family values and long term sustainability.